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There are some great news for Third Agers (those aged between 45-75), like me. Gene Cohen’s book The Creative Age demonstrates the clear connection between creativity and a happy, enriching midlife. For anyone suffering from midlife crises, he claims that creativity can have long-lasting and immediate results. He believes creativity is a key ingredient in overcoming midlife crisis symptoms.
1) It boosts your morale later in life
2) Contributes to your physical health as you get older
3) Enhances relationships
4) This is the best legacy you can leave for your children

Sylvie Labelle’s research on creativity among Canadian business leaders led to a variety of interesting findings that could also be relevant for Third Agers. As a 3rd Ager, they opened up new opportunities.

Dealing With Change

Many business professionals agree that success is dependent on how we handle change. Abraham Lincoln once stated, “I will prepare myself and my hour will sound.” The practice of changing begins within you. It is common knowledge that you need to be open to new ideas and willing to try new approaches to succeed professionally and personally. Dr. Labelle’s research reveals that this is more than adapting to your environment or responding to crisis situations. It also requires being able to imagine the future.

As a Third Ager, the message to me is that I can invent my future if I have the right mindset. It’s not about solving problems, it’s about opening myself up to new possibilities. It’s about realizing that I have control over my life and can make my own decisions.

Being Yourself

Dr. Labelle reflects on the Renaissance’s origins of creativity. There was a clear connection between the talents of artists and the gifts of God, according to many. Researchers did not come up with a scientific definition for creativity until 1969. There are now more than 100 definitions. For example, the Center for Creative Leadership offers a practical and workable definition of creativity: “new ideas that are useful.”

Research has shown that creativity is developed by nurturing it and using it. There is no single way to become a creative leader in business. Creativity is a reflection of the individuality of each person. Creativity is dependent on the individual’s personality, environment, talents, interests, and attitudes. It might be the ability to combine new ideas with existing ones. Some people see creativity as being out of the box.

As a Third-Age, writer, infopreneur, and college teacher, I am always open to new possibilities. I’m always open to new ways to engage students with the subject matter of the day. Creativity and trying new methods bring a different level of energy and enthusiasm to teaching and learning.

Define Creativity

Dr. Labelle asked business leaders to describe creativity and came up with many definitions. Dr. Labelle discovered that there are many ways to approach creativity. Here are some quotes from top business leaders about creativity.

* Creativity takes effort and discipline.

* Creativity should be enjoyable and fun.

* Creativity is an idea that emerges from nothing or everywhere.

* Creativity can be described as a combination of knowledge and instinct.

* Creativity refers to the ability to solve problems. It begins with inspiration or intuition.

* Creativity can be described as a way of thinking or a state of mind.

* Creativity means making something out of nothing.

Creativity means achieving one’s goals in a mutually agreeable manner.

* Creativity means being open to change.

* To create, you must adapt to the world of tomorrow.

Third-generation ager, I find it remarkable how important elite David Barrick place on creativity, enjoyment, fun, openness and adaptability. It is amazing because I have only met a handful of business leaders who share these values. They tend to be more focused on the quantitative aspects of business and less on productivity. These qualities and attitudes are what I bring to my interactions with family, friends and business associates. If you put your efforts into it, you can do the same.

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